PRODUCT SUPPORT ENGINEER (OSIsoft Czech Republic, s.r.o.)

You would become a member of our PI Specialist Team, where your primary goal would be to understand and resolve technical issues our customers are facing. The sun never sets on our technical support team - our colleagues are located all around the globe. And if you enjoy traveling, you might find yourself doing service jobs directly on customer sites all over Europe.

However, this job is not for everyone! We take pride in fielding the best support team in the industry and our customers expect no less. This means we’re not your typical call center. You would be in direct contact with the customer until complete resolution of their issue. We’re looking for individuals with the drive to help and the ability to find enjoyment in getting a sincere thank you from a fellow engineer and to appreciate that what we’re doing goes way beyond solving technical issues.

Náplň práce

Our mission is clear – collect data, analyze it, sort it, and store in our database. Data is collected from various sources including PLC, SCADA, RDBMS, smart sensors, and more. No matter the difficulty, we collect it all and help provide
meaningful and actionable insights for our customers.
Our system helps optimize various processes, directly leading to decrease in operational costs, reduced pollution, increased safety, and more! Of course, we’re not alone on this journey! Czech customers such as CEZ, Mondi or Unipetrol, as
well as global corporations including e-Bay, Shell, Bayer or Novartis, have all joined us. We are OSIsoft – a ~1300-strong engineering company headquartered in California, US. We’re helping our customers be successful from more than 20 offices worldwide. 


• Bachelor’s degree in technical engineering
• Communicative English
• Analytical and troubleshooting skills
• Passion for discovering how stuff works
• Genuine interest in software and IT
• General understanding of networking, Windows platform, and web technologies


• Competitive entry-level salary 40.000 CZK
• Annual bonus (performance based)
• Onboarding in California, USA (12 weeks)
• 5 paid sick days per year
• 5 weeks of annual leave
• Tuition reimbursement (5.000 USD a year)
• Healthy snack
• Compensation for commuting to work


OSIsoft Czech Republic, s.r.o., Politických obětí 117 738 01 Frýdek-Místek T+420 595 172 529

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