Quality Assurance System

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is the first academic worksite in the Czech Republic to acquire a certificate for quality assurance management system according to the norms of ČSN EN ISO 9001. The Faculty was organised according to this standard by strategic decision of the executive leadership of the Faculty in 2003.
The goal was to build a customer-oriented management system, in which the customers are understood to be the students, their future employers and the state. In the context of preparations for certification, individual processes operating in the Faculty were mapped in detail. This procedure description was subsequently undertaken throughout the entire university and has enabled both students and teachers to acquire unique information about the standard procedures in the context of individual activities conducted in the Faculty.
The quality assurance policy was declared at the Faculty expressing these main goals:

  • To assure high quality of the educational process respecting principles of university studies, which correspond to accepted European standards.
  • To strengthen the principles of cooperation between employees and students.
  • To devote itself primarily to the fields of applied research by means of acquiring resources from grant agencies and intensive cooperation with businesses.

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