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Important information about Coronavirus

Important information about Coronavirus for students and employees.

Due to the extension of the emergency, new crisis measures were announced on 20. 11. 2020 by the Government of the Czech Republic, and with this in mind, this order is issued by the Rector, who orders that even on 23 and 24. 11. 2020 the teaching and consultation, which is accompanied by the personal presence of students or participants in lifelong learning, be ensured online.

From 25. 11. 2020, the measures taken so far by the Government of the Czech Republic concerning higher education institutions are being

(a) prohibit the personal presence of students in teaching and examinations when more than 10 persons (including the examiner) take part in the examination at a time at a university. The prohibition on personal presence also applies to participants in lifelong learning courses. The prohibition on the personal presence of students does not apply to:

  • laboratory or experimental teaching in the final year of a bachelor's or master's degree programme for a maximum of 20 students;
  • to study in a doctoral degree programme;
  • individual consultations;
  • individual visits to the library for the purpose of receiving or submitting study literature.

b) prohibits the provision of accommodation to students of higher education institutions who have other residence in the Territory of the Czech Republic, in accommodation facilities of higher education institutions, with the exception of students who have been imposed by the government on the obligation to work under Act No. 240/2000 Coll., on crisis management and on the amendment of certain laws (crisis law), as amended, and students who can personally participate in teaching (Art. 1(a)) point i. - iii of this order).

This extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is still in force, which among other things, orders the obligation to wear respiratory protection in all internal areas of the university from 21 October 2020.


For emergency inquiries regarding coronavirus, a special has been established.

Information for students:

If you are a student of VSB-TUO and you have a positive test for COVID-19 or you have been ordered quarantine, fill in this information in information system:

Report COVID-19

Instructions for students arriving without a valid negative covid-19 test carried out in the Czech Republic (countries needing a covid-19 test for entry)

Rules for accommodation in connection with the epidemiological situation (COVID-19)

Information for students about the course of the semester during the coronavirus epidemic (current information on 11 May 2020)

Information for students about online learning opportunities

Information for employees:

In accordance with the measure of the Government of the Czech Republic and according to the order of the Rector of 23. 11. 2020, I order all senior staff authorised to change their employment relationships in accordance with Rector's Directive No TUO_SME_03_001 to make use of remote working for their subordinates between 23 November 2020 and 12 December 2020, provided that they are able to work remotely in their place of residence or to allow them to take leave. This requires that the operating conditions of the workplace concerned allow this;

I also recommend that all senior staff be limited to the performance of work which is not relevant for the operation of the workplace between 23 November 2020 and 12 December 2020;

And I recommend all senior employees in the period from 23. 11. 2020 to 12. 12. 2020 to use in communication with employees mainly online form, and only if necessary to hold meetings and other" joint activities with employees in their personal presence, further to ensure that employees do not gather on the premises of VSB-TUO in the number of more than 6 persons for a purpose other than the performance of work activities.

The meeting of academic chambers, scientific councils and other bodies of faculties and VSB-TUO established on the basis of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. is not limited by the measure. When holding such meetings, the conditions set out in the measure must be observed. Compliance with the conditions of the measures shall be ensured by the President of the competent authority.

Information for teachers about the possibilities of online teaching

Information for all:

Statutory declaration for entrance on events

Opening hours of sports facilities

With effect from midnight to Friday 9 October 2020, the school fitness center and aerobic hall will be closed. With effect from Monday 12 October 2020, all gyms and sports grounds of VSB-TUO will be closed for indoor sports activities, including competitions.

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