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PETSc support for Ukraine

Developers of the PETSc open-source numerical library offer the help Ukrainian students and scientists who are affected by the war and would be interested in work on PETSc.

If you are an eligible student, postdoctoral researcher, or scientist, please write (the private list) briefly explaining your situation and expertise. They will try to match you with a host. You may also write a potential host directly and write us jointly.

If you are at a European university and willing to host an impacted student, postdoctoral researcher, or scientist from Ukraine to work on PETSc, please rsend an email to briefly describing your area.

Or contact the PERMON Team leader David Horák who can be your host at VSB.

Details are attached in the letter.

Created: 13. 4. 2022
Category:  News
Entered by:  Mgr. Marcela Hýblová
Department: 404 - Public Relations Office