Study Programmes and Branches

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science provides opportunities for studies in a bachelor degree programmes leading to a Master programme and Doctorate programme. Students are instructed in the on-site form (daily) or combined form of study. Combined studies take place once every 14 days all day Friday and also on Saturday at the beginning and end of the semester.
Each student will graduate first from the bachelor study program and according to interest, will then continue for the follow-up master study program, and possibly also the doctoral study program. Studies in the bachelor study program is three-year, the graduate acquires the academic title of Bachelor (Bc.). Study in follow-up master study program is a standard two-year program and upon graduating, the student receives the academic title Engineer (Ing.). Studies in the doctoral study program are linked to the completion of the master studies. The student demonstrates a capability for independent scientific work by completing the state doctoral examination and defending his/her dissertation work. After the successful completion of studies, graduates receive the academic title of Doctor ( Ph.D.).
All rooms of the Faculty and the equipment of the schools have been modified for studies by physically disabled students. To select a field, we recommend a preliminary consultation with Faculty administration.

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