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Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering is engaged in instruction of electrical engineering subjects to all technical faculties of VŠB-TUO. The Department is the only one to offer specialized subjects related to the issues of valid legislation about safe operation of electrical equipment, the relevant laws and directives. Extraordinary emphasis is placed on the development of new diagnostic methods for electrical variables and laboratory instruction, in which digital technology is introduced for measuring and processing recorded data.

The Department is developing international cooperation with the following partners: SU Gliwice, HTW Drážďany, BNTU Minsk, ŽU Žilina, FIU Buenos Aires in the following areas: international scientific team of doctoral candidates, exchange stays by students and teachers, workshops, joint experimental measurements, joint publications at international conferences, etc.

Professional cooperation in practice is provided in the form submitted by joint projects of the MPO, organized scientific seminars, professional courses, diagnostics for measured variables in industry and expert consulting.
Since 2007/2008, the Department has opened a new study program for students of the Bachelor’s fields in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science entitled Designing Electrical Equipment. This four-year field is the only one of its type in the Czech Republic. A student in this study program is directed so that upon completion of legal conditions, he/she may apply for the granting of ČKAIT authorisation in the field of technical environment for buildings – specialization in electrical engineering equipment. This authorisation is recognized in all states of the EU.

Graduates find a broad application, for example as designers in design organisations, authorised experts (engineers) in all phases of production and investment into structures, specialists in building offices, during control and approval of design electrical documentation designated for construction management, etc.

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