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Study programme Mobile Technology

We will teach you what others do not:

  • Transfer data using mobile

  • Understand radio signals and antennas

  • Orient in the radio networks of the future

  • Create applications for mobile or tablet

Study programme Telecommunication Technology

We'll teach you what others don’t:

  • Securely communicate
  • Communicate and measure by light
  • Process signals and video
  • Measure the parameters of communication networks
  • Design and operate your own Internet of Things network 
  • The Department of Telecommunications is the youngest Department in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava. The department was founded on 1st of May 1996 and today provides a university education in the field of telecommunications at a comparable level common in the countries of the European Union.
  • The main focus of the Department’s work is instructing students, where the emphasis is placed on preparing graduates of the field with practical knowledge from the areas of telecommunications and related technology.
  • On the department, many research projects are being solved where students of masters and doctoral are regularly involved. Projects are funded from a variety of government programs, private sectors or EU funds.
  • Employees of the department teach at foreign universities as invited professors, e.g., at the University of Milan, the University of Calabria, University of Ankara, Mugla University or Ton Duc Thang University.
  • In 2014, the Department obtained places on the 1st floor of the new building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, which meant a change in the dislocation of the workplace. A department has the primary base in the new building, where all teaching laboratories, lecture rooms, and offices staff are located.