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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is the proud home of esport at the university level!

At the turn of spring and summer 2016, the organization ESPORT VSB-TUO OSTRAVA LEAGUE was established as an active association that focuses on the phenomenon of computer games and the association of people who are in this community. One of the secondary goals is also the effort to eradicate the stereotypical negative opinion of computer games.

Esport or progaming is a real sport that takes the best ones thousands of hours of training, preparation and strategic planning. The FEECS VSB-TUO does not want to be left behind and that is why this student organization ESPORT VSB-TUO OSTRAVA LEAGUE (mostly abbreviated as Esport VSB-TUO) was established and the FEECS supports its gradual development. The aim is by no means just promoting the FEECS VSB-TUO for the area of ​​esport attractive for students. The organization wants to associate students/cyberathletes/esportsmen/women and provide them with counselling and coaching, organize tournaments, derby between universities and other PR events in this exceptional sports segment.

In particular, the organization is set up to represent and primarily connect students involved in esport. Many foreign universities have already taken steps to support students working in this field and continuously support their top teams.

It is a well-known fact that in the field of esport, as in classical sports, a number of awards can be won at both national and international levels. This also brings another motivation for the best esportsmen/women of the FEECS VSB-TUO. We want to be the top Czech!

Join us, support us or just keep your fingers crossed. Together we want to be successful and build the brand of our esport team!