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EMC interference, quality of voltage and efficiency of mechatronic systems, lighting technology, safety, electromagnetic fields Ing. Roman Hrbáč, Ph.D. logo
Department: 420 - Department of General Electrical Engineering
Výzkumná témata:
  • Modeling of stray currents in railway traction
  • Interference modeling in the multiconductor lines
  • Implementation of modern amplifying structures in circuit theory
  • Admittance models, signal flow graphs
  • The influence of electric fields on earth metal ground equipment
  • The influence of electric railway on power supplying system - EMC
  • Reverse Influences of Power Devices and Systems on Supply Network
  • Monitoring of Voltage Quality in the Mains
  • Analysis, Measurement and Evaluation of Effectiveness of Electrical Drives and Their Components
  • Akademičtí pracovníci: Ing. Roman Hrbáč, Ph.D., Ing. Karel Chrobáček, Ph.D., doc.Ing. Lubomír Ivánek, CSc., Doc. Ing. Stanislav Kocman, Ph.D., Doc. Ing. Václav Kolář, Ph.D., Ing. Tomáš Mlčák, Ph.D., Ing. Jitka Mohylová, Ph.D., Doc.Ing. Vítězslav Stýskala, Ph.D., Ing. Stanislav Zajaczek, Ph.D.
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