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Math Exercises for You 2
Mathematics is one of the pillars of technical and science education. Unfortunately, it is also considered to be one of the main annoyances in the education today. It could be also the reason why young people avoid to study STEM disciplines. Attractive and modern online materials for teaching and learning mathematics can improve this situation and increase student interest in this beautiful and useful discipline. The first objective of the project is to increase the mathematical competencies of high school students and the pupils in the last years of elementary schools. We intend brighten teaching of mathematics up with interesting and original interactive materials for practicing the curriculum. We develop materials which allow to practice not only at home, but also outside the school and outside the home, for example in a bus or train. Acquiring and strengthening mathematical knowledge and skills leads to higher self-confidence not only in mathematics but also in other science disciplines that use mathematics. This also leads to increased interest in these disciplines and motivates pupils and students to study them further. The second objective is to improve the quality of the teaching process, to connect the work of the teachers and students more closely. We suppose to improve the efficiency of the work of the teachers when preparing interesting exercises and exam. We provide a framework for obtaining data on the difficult parts of the curriculum and the data describing the achievements of the students and the classes. The following activities will lead to the goals of the project: - We will create a new mobile web application "Math for Student on Bus". This web application will be designed to practice mathematical problems while traveling to school while waiting for a bus, train, etc. These problems will be relatively simple and will be solvable without writing computations down. - We will create a new web application "Clone written test" designed for preparing several variations of exams by the teachers. The main goal is to allow the teachers to choose questions from a special questions database and use these questions to build test for a class. Another test with similar questions will be created automatically. Thus two variants of the same test are created and the teachers are capable to clone their tests with a minimal effort. The cloned test will contain the same type of problems. The clone will contain either the same problems with different data of just minor modifications of the original problems. - We will create a new mobile web application "Interactive math class" that handles 5000 questions in five languages. The main motivation is to treat the learning process as a continuous interaction between the teacher and the student, where the teacher reflects the current state of knowledge and insufficiencies of the students. This allows to adapt the learning process appropriately. This web application will be focused on classroom work. It will allow teachers to create tests easily, assign them to the students, and get an immediate feedback. With this workflow the student help the teacher to focus on the part of the curriculum which is the main source of difficulties. The efficiency of the teaching project is increased by focusing the teacher effort on the suitable parts of the curriculum.
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