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Bezkontaktní testování mechatronických výrobků s využitím umělé inteligence
The output of the project is a Doppler laser vibrometer based on a commercial infrared laser for optical communication networks. The reason for the research is the identified hole in the market, which the applicant identified on the basis of cooperation with companies operating in the automotive industry, in particular testing of technologies in electric cars and hybrid cars. Quieter operation, which is the result of the construction of electric cars, causes problems in the production process (and testing) of individual parts, because the other environment of industrial production is noisy. One of the solutions is the construction of soundproof boxes, which shields external noise, which is a more expensive and space-consuming solution. In addition, current physical methods are not efficient enough to measure vibrations in high-tech industries and do not have the efficiency required by the industry. The last problem identified is the lack of a coherent solution / product that is generally applicable to industrial companies. Most are composed of multiple parts and inputs, while our solution, thanks to a new physical approach to vibration measurement, can be connected as a separate "box" on or near the production line and without the need to add soundproof boxes and connect to neural networks. evaluate the speed of vibration and thus identify low-quality products. The whole SW solution will also be self-learning, by storing data in the library it is able to learn from the defects of one product after changing the measuring point or placement of sensors and by sharing data from the master library to offer continuous improvement of functionality.
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