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AI-MATTERS (AI MAnufacturing Testing and experimenTation network For EuRopean industrieS)
The AI-MATTERS proposal lays out a consorted approach for the establishment of an impactful European reference Testing and Experimentation Facilities dedicated to the uptake of AI in the European Manufacturing sector. AI in Manufacturing TesTing and experimentation facilities for EuRopean SMEs (AI-MATTERS) is proposed by an agile network of seven nodes and one satellite. We aim to increase the resilience and the flexibility of the European manufacturing sector through the deployment of the latest developments in AI and robotics, and intelligent, autonomous systems for flexible production. Europe needs world-class and impactful reference facilities across the Union to allow SMEs and larger industries to test their AI-enabled concepts and innovative technologies in representative conditions, thereby bringing them closer to deployment. We are convinced that this initiative under the DIGITAL Europe Programme can boost the uptake of innovation within the European manufacturing industries that have suffered during the pandemic crises. Coordinated by CEA from the Paris- Saclay innovation ecosystem, AI-MATTERS brings together a consortium of major organisations from eight European countries (Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and France). All consortium members bring their expertise in different manufacturing sectors such as automotive, space and mobility, textile, recycling, etc. In the aforementioned context, the overarching objective of the AI-MATTERS proposal is to implement concrete steps to strengthen Europe’s positioning and leadership in the uptake of human-centric Artificial Intelligence systems enabling robotics and other advanced technologies to create leap transformations of the EU manufacturing system. More specifically, AI-MATTERS project sets out: - To create a world-class cluster of large-scale reference sites for testing and experimentation of AI-powered solutions.
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