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Boosting Resilience In five industrial ecosystems through adoption and Deployment of advanced technoloGiEs among SMEs (BRIDGESMEs)
--------- CALL --------- Call: HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01 (RESILIENT VALUE CHAINS 2023) Topic: HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01-42 Type of Action: HORIZON-CSA Proposal number: 101138897 Proposal acronym: BRIDGESMEs Type of Model Grant Agreement: HORIZON Lump Sum Grant ----------------- ABSTRACT ----------------- The European Commission introduced the concept of "Industry 5.0" in 2021, shifting from the technology-driven approach of Industry 4.0 to a human-centric approach that prioritizes human needs and interests in production processes. The need for this new paradigm was emphasized by major disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing conflicts, which revealed low resilience in industrial ecosystems in Europe. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, demographic changes, and skills gaps that further disrupt their operations. The aftermath of the pandemic has forced businesses to re-think their operations and adapt their business models to ensure continuity. In this context, the BRIDGESMEs project aims to assist European SMEs in five industrial ecosystems - Mobility, Transport & Automotive; Aerospace & Defence; Electronics; Cultural & Creative Industries; and Tourism - in re-thinking their business models and operations to become more resilient, sustainable, and human-centric. The project will facilitate alliances between traditional SMEs and tech-savvy SMEs & start-ups, as well as accelerate the deployment of innovative solutions in the market and enhance clusters' cooperation to support SMEs across value chains. The consortium will conduct an assessment of the current status of the Five Industrial Ecosystems, identify needs, disruptions, challenges, and opportunities related to technology adoption and transition towards Industry 5.0, and involve and select traditional and tech-savvy SMEs through open calls, hackathons, and matchmaking events. Cluster action for industrial transition, CMO guidelines, and policy recommendations will be delivered through peer review meetings to promote increased cooperation between clusters and enhance resilience and technological uptake across value chains. --------------------- PARTNERSHIP --------------------- # Participating Organisation Legal Name Country Role Action 1 INIZIATIVA CUBE SRL Italy Coordinator 2 VSB - TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF OSTRAVA Czechia Partner 3 ASOCIACION DE INVESTIGACION METALURGICA DEL NOR Spain Partner 4 AEROSPACE VALLEY France Partner 5 CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE Italy Partner 6 ATHINA-EREVNITIKO KENTRO KAINOTOMIAS STIS TECHNOGreece Partner 7 SILICON ALPS CLUSTER GMBH Austria Partner 8 FUNDACION CLUSTER DE EMPRESAS DE AUTOMOCION D Spain Partner 9 ANFIA-ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE DELLA FILIERA DELL INItaly Partner --------------------- VSB-TUO ROLE --------------------- ......... LEAD: ......... Task 2.3. Education and training for new skills for traditional SMEs (Leader: VSB-TUO, Other partners: AIMEN, AV, CNR-ISPC, CORALLIA, SAC, CEAGA, ANFIA) (M18-M30) ................... SUPPORT: ................... Task 1.1 Five Industrial Ecosystems Needs Assessment (Leader: INI, Other partners: ALL) (M1-M6) Task 1.2. Tech-savvy SMEs selection (Leader: CORALLIA, Other partners: ALL) (M3-M12) Task 1.3. Traditional SMEs selection (Leader: Aerospace Valley, Other partners: ALL) (M3-M12) Task 2.1. Technical assistance for traditional SMEs (Leader: AIMEN, Other partners: VSB-TUO, AV, CNRISPC, CORALLIA, SAC, CEAGA, ANFIA) (M13-M18) Task 3.1. Building of alliances between traditional and tech-savvy SMEs through hackathons (Leader: CORALLIA, Other partners: VSB-TUO, AIMEN, AV, SAC, CEAGA, ANFIA) (M18-M34) Task 3.2. Organisation of match-making sessions for partnership establishment between individual SMEs (Leader: SAC, Other partners: INI, VSB-TUO, AIMEN, AV, CORALLIA, CEAGA, ANFIA) (M18-M34) Task 4.3. Preparation of industrial policy recommendations concerning support for SMEs facing Industry 5.0 transition and challenges in advanced technology up-take. (Leader: AIMEN, Other partners: ALL) (M24-M36) Task 5.1 Communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy (Lead CEAGA, Involved: ALL) (M1-M12) Task 5.2 Communication channels and promotional material (Lead: CEAGA; Other partners involved: ALL) (M1-M12) Task 5.3 Management and monitoring of the communication and dissemination activities (Lead: CEAGA, Involved: ALL) (M1-M36) Task 6.1 Project organization and planning (Lead INI; Involved: ALL) (M1-M36) Task 6.2 Monitoring and evaluation (Lead INI; Involved: ALL) (M1-M36) Task 6.3 Reporting to the EC (Lead INI; Involved: ALL) (M1-M36) Task 6.4 Ethics requirements (Lead INI; Involved: ALL) (M1-M36)
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