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Dept. Contact person The department provides teaching of the study programmes (SP):
Type of SP Number of SP Name of study programme Abbreviation
410 doc. Ing. Petr Krejčí, Ph.D.
office EA217
master's N0713A060004 Electrical Power Engineering EEE
doctoral P0713D060004 Electrical Power Engineering EEE
430 Ing. Tomáš Pavelek, PhD.
office EA336
master's N0716A060002 Automotive Electronic Systems AES
master's N0714A060007 Applied Electronics ALE
doctoral P0713D060001 Electrical Engineering Science ETE
440 Ing. Zdeňka Chmelíková, Ph.D.
office EA244
master's N0714A060021 Communication and Information Technology KIT
doctoral P0714D060001 Communication Technology KMT
450 Bc. Martina Dragounová
office EA305
bachelor's B0714A060020 Electrical Engineering ENG
master's N0714A150002 Control and Information Systems RID
doctoral P0714D150002 Cybernetics KYB
460 Yveta Geletičová
office EA445
bachelor's B0613A140010 Computer Science INF
master's N0612A140005 Information and Communication Security ICB
master's N0613A140035 Computer Science INF
master's N0688A140015 Industry 4.0 PRM
doctoral P0588D140004 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology BVB
doctoral P0613D140006 Computer Science INF
doctoral   Informatics and Computational Science IVV
470 Ing. Pavla Hrušková, Ph.D.
office EA533
master's N0541A170008 Computational and Appliaed Mathematics VAM
doctoral P0541D170005 Computational and Appliaed Mathematics VAM
doctoral P0613D140021 Computational Science VPV
480 Mgr. Ing. Kamila Hrabovská, Ph.D.
office A947
doctoral P0533D110006 Applied Physics AFY