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The FEECS allows the students of the final year of full-time Bachelor study to complete an individual work internship as a replacement of the preparation and submission of a Bachelor thesis, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Individual work internship is a work internship that a full-time student arranges himself/herself individually and the internship supervisor approves only the appropriateness and expertise of the employer selected by the student. All requisites and related activities are arranged by students individually, the faculty does not enter into these contractual relations.
  2. An acceptable replacement of the elaboration of a Bachelor thesis in the courses Bachelor Seminar 1 and 2 / Bachelor Project 1 and 2 is the completion of an individual work internship lasting for a minimum of 50 working days.
  3. This minimum duration of the work internship has to be completed in the course of two semesters (winter, summer).
  4. The completion of the individual work internship is proven by a written confirmation of the number of working days in each semester (in each semester, a minimum of 20 working days is required, in both semesters, the total number of working days must be at least 50). Confirmation form
  5. The internship is completed by the elaboration of a Bachelor thesis, describing the course of the internship, and a written evaluation of the student by the employer.
  6. The evaluation of the student is provided by the employer in the form and according to the structure required by the faculty. The evaluation is carried out through the EDISON information system.
  7. The contractual relationship and the amount of remuneration between the student and the employer are fully at the discretion of the employer.
  8. In the case the selected employer is interested in the study results of the student, the faculty undertakes to provide, with the consent of the student, information about the student’s course of study.
  9. The employer will provide the faculty with basic data for the inclusion in the database of companies offering individual internships: Company name – field of activity – contact person (name, e-mail, phone number) – the name of the consultant (a person mentoring the student; e-mail, phone number).
  10. Further information is provided by Mrs. Yveta Geletičová. Kindly use the e-mail for inquiries.

Individual Internship Guidelines 2022/2023 (cz)

Confirmation of the number worked days: Confirmation form

The list of companies approved for individual work internships is available in the KatIS information system.