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Department of Electronics - Education, Research & Development Activities

The Department of Applied Electronics offers teaching in the bachelor and master study programmes Applied Electronics, Automotive Electronic Systems and the doctoral study programme Electrical Engineering. For the successful study of the offered programmes, students have at their disposal research laboratories, which are modernly equipped with high-quality measuring equipment, audiovisual equipment and computer technology with modern software resources. The research and professional activities of the department are mainly focused in the areas of applied, automotive and industrial electronics, microcomputer control systems, power semiconductor converters and electric controlled drives.

In terms of professional focus, the department deals with the modernization and optimization of electronic devices in the field of industrial electronics and electric drives, development and implementation of new control methods for electric regulated drives, development and implementation of modern power semiconductor converters, the use of new switching principles and optimisation of control algorithms for modern power converter topologies, optimisation of control and power quality improvement using solid-state converters, design and dimensioning of solid-state converters for power storage systems.

In the automotive field, the department is involved in research and development in the field of automotive electronics and vehicle diagnostics, development of automotive electronic systems, research on control methods for autonomously driven vehicles, research on new methods for automated testing of electronic systems and development of new methods for predictive maintenance including optimization of these methods.