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Report expired on 31. 5. 2024!

Team of Cybernetics students celebrates success!

This year, a team of KYBERNETICS students, known as KYBERNAUTI, made history at the regional FIRST LEGO LEAGUE - FLL competition by successfully winning the Robot Performance Award.

KYBERNAUTI demonstrated their deep knowledge and skills in management issues, technical thinking and project management in a team, which was clearly visible in their performance during the competition. As part of the FLL - Robot Performance Award, the developed autonomous LEGO robot must autonomously perform complicated tasks on the competition field.

KYBERNAUTI builds on a number of previous successes that the team and individuals have had in competitions such as KYBERNETIC OLYMPIAD 2023 and ROBOJ2023, where they won 3rd place in the Jesenica Challenge.

Created: 19. 2. 2024
Category:  News
Department: 404 - Public Relations Office