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Vývoj nástroje pro národní monitoring velkoobchodního trhu s energiemi
The goal of the project is the development and implementation of an advanced tool that will perform autonomous and automated monitoring of the wholesale energy market in a database environment and, in the event of the detection of suspicious behavior by market participants trading on the wholesale market, will generate alerts for the national regulatory authority, thereby fulfillment of European regulations. In addition to the automatic control of the wholesale market, the resulting software tool will enable further manual analyzes of the behavior of market participants and the subsequent export of evidence for use in administrative proceedings conducted by the ERO. The resulting tool should be flexible with regard to the future, especially in the area of modifications and expansion of the available analytics so that, based on possible further modifications, it is also able to capture future trends and needs in the field of monitoring the wholesale energy market. In addition to the development of the mentioned tool, the aim of the Need is also comprehensive knowledge and process support for related activities in the monitoring of the wholesale energy market. The implementation of the project will thus enable the use of advanced and innovative statistical, monitoring and data analysis in the supervision of wholesale markets, which will ensure high-quality, modern and innovative supervisory activities resulting from Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU No. 1227/2011 on the integrity and transparency of the wholesale market with energy.
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