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Admission procedure for the academic year 2024/2025

  • Recognition of foreign education
  • As part of the process of foreign education recognition, it is always necessary to deliver officially certified documents in paper form!
  • Language exams are also performed by the Institute of Languages VSB-TUO
  • The maximum size of one application attachment is 5 MB.
  • In accordance with Act No.67/2022 Coll. on measures in the field of education in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine caused by the invasion of the Russian Federation troops, foreigners who have been granted temporary protection in the Czech Republic may replace evidence of previous education with an affidavit. On the basis of the Rector's Measure TUO_PRI_22_009 dated 28.3.2022, these applicants are exempted from the administration fee for the acts related to the admission procedure to study and students are exempted from the tuition fee for studying in a foreign language. In this case, the electronic application must be accompanied by:
    • Annex A: a scan of the applicant's passport and visa proving that he/she is granted temporary protection in the Czech Republic. In 2022, either a special visa (code D/VS/U) or temporary protection (code D/DO/667, 668 or 669) was issued. Temporary protection is now extended under code D/DO/867-869. Repeat temporary protection is also newly granted under code D/DO/767-769 or the new special tolerance visa D/SD/91.
    • Annex B: Affidavit of secondary education (applicants for Bachelor's degree),
    • Annex C: affidavit of higher education (applicants for a postgraduate master's degree or doctorate),
    • Documents A+B or A+C should be inserted together in the Annex on educational qualifications.
  • In the electronic application, some study programmes may only be offered in the 1st round of the admission procedure for capacity reasons. In the admissions rules, the maximum enrolled numbers apply to all rounds of admissions procedure.

  • Admission procedure (Ph.D.) - 1st round (pdf), 2nd round (pdf)
    • PhD thesis
    • Abbreviations of doctoral programmes:
      • AFY - Applied Physics
      • BCB - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
      • EEE - Electrical Power Engineering
      • ETE - Electrical Engineering Science
      • IVV - Informatics and Computational Science
      • KMT - Communication Technology
      • KYB - Cybernetics
      • VAM - Computational and Applied Mathematics

  • The Academic Senate of the Faculty approved an increase in the capacity of these study programmes:
SP Type Study programme name Original capacity New capacity
D Computational and Applied Mathematics 7 10*
D Cybernetics 10 20

* Only 2 topics in English are announced, a maximum of 2 candidates can be admitted.