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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers Bachelor, Master and doctoral study programmes. Some programmes are further divided into study branches. Bachelor and Master programmes in the English language are offered in the full-time forms only. Doctoral study programmes are offered both in the full-time and part-time forms. The majority of study branches is open to students with disabilities. Study in the English language is subject to a tuition fee.

The Bachelor study lasts three years and the graduates are awarded the academic degree Bachelor (Czech abbreviation Bc.). The follow-up Master study lasts two years and the graduates are awarded the academic degree Master of Science (Czech abbreviation Ing.). Graduates of a Bachelor study in the same or similar study programme can continue in the follow-up Master study. The doctoral study lasts four years and the graduates obtain the academic degree doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.). This study is a follow-up to the completed Master studies, and the student demonstrates the ability of independent scientific work.

Study programme Electrical Engineering

About study programme

The aim of the study of the three-year bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering is to educate bachelors as a university-educated operational specialist for all areas of electrical engineering and at the same time to prepare him for a follow-up master's degree. During the study, graduates of the program will acquire the necessary knowledge of mathematics, physics, theoretical electrical engineering, electronics, measuring and control systems, communication technologies and electrical power engineering. In practice, graduates will work, for example, as a designer of electronic equipment, service technician of measuring and control technology, designer of semiconductor technology, technician of operation of communication networks, designer of electrical systems.

Study curriculum

Faculty Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Type of study Bachelor
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme B0714A060020
Title of the programme Electrical Engineering
Regular period of the study 3 years
Coordinating department Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
Coordinator doc. Ing. Michal Prauzek, Ph.D.
Key words electronics
electrical power engineering
theoretical electrical engineering
measuring and cotrol systems
communication technology