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Bachelor programs

Control and information systems

Close your eyes and think. What supernatural ability would fit you the most? Would it be a talent to control all the machines of the world by the power of ingenious thought? Great, so welcome to the club.

Computer systems for 21st century industry

We are 4.0 technicians. Pioneers of a new industrial revolution that turns science fiction into reality. Well, tell me, would it be conceivable until recently for a factory to do without people?

Biomedical technology

He designs, calculates and manufactures, but he is not a common technician. He works with X-rays, tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, but even a doctor is not. Electrical engineering education, achieved at Báňská, but not even an Aťák, clear sir.

Biomedical assistive technologies

Assistive Robot Jean: Sir, your assistive technology system has assessed that your physical activity was low today, your sugar level is higher, the risk of falls is still high, and your stools did not match the profile of your diet.

Electrical Engineering (Bc.)

The aim of the study of the three-year bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering is to educate bachelors as a university-educated operational specialist for all areas of electrical engineering and at the same time to prepare him for a follow-up master's degree.

Master degree and doctoral programs

Control and information systems (Ing.)

The follow-up master's degree program in Control and Information Systems provides graduates with the education necessary to provide today's much-needed automation, digitization of production and robotics in companies in industry and other areas of human activity.

Biomedical engineering (Ing.)

The Master's Degree Program in Biomedical Engineering is a two-year study program that is accredited simultaneously by the Ministry of Education and also by the Ministry of Health. Upon successful completion, graduates become an electrical engineer and also a non-medical medical worker.

Cybernetics (Ph.D.)

Only applicants who have successfully completed a master's degree in the same or a related study program may be admitted to doctoral studies. Applicants who have duly submitted the application and delivered all the required documents will be subject to an individual assessment of the submitted documents (results from previous studies, curriculum vitae, list of published and unpublished works) and the supervisor's statement will be taken into account.

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