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Expert groups

Three expert groups have been set up at the Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering. Each group deals with a specific area of measurement and control technology, in which it develops scientific research activities and provides teaching. The groups are made up of both employees and doctoral students of the department.

Industrial automation and control computers

The professional activity of the group is focused mainly on research areas related to the design, modeling and implementation of control systems, distributed monitoring systems for various types of applications, signal analysis and more. The group carries out research and development activities both within projects supported by Czech and foreign grant agencies, and contract research for industrial partners. Research and development in the areas of: real-time control systems, embedded control systems, real-time operating systems, technical and software tools for real-time control, communication networks for real-time control. The members of the group cooperate with a number of industrial partners, especially Vítkovice Power Engineering a.s., Continental Automotive s.r.o., Ingeteam a.s., GreenGas DPB a.s., SG - Geoinženýring s.r.o.

Biomedical engineering

The group is engaged in research and development of electrical applications for use in medicine. At present, the group deals with the measurement, transmission and algorithms of biosignal processing, medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices corresponding to telemetry and personal health applications. These areas include the design of FPGA / CPLD programmable logic, work with microprocessor technology and control systems in medical applications, including the design of embedded systems, microcontrollers, the design of digital systems, VHDL and also bioamplifiers. The group also deals with biotelemetry and SmartHome systems, including data transmission and wireless technology. In the field of sensors, projects are being implemented using accelerometers and gyroscopes, temperature, pressure sensors and the measurement of bioelectric signals. In connection with the processing of biosignals, the problem areas of ECG and EEG filtration, ECG approximation, Mapping of heart activity are solved. An integral part of the group are software projects for measurement, analysis and visualization of measured data.

The members of the group participate in the guarantee and teaching of the subjects of the bachelor's program Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Assistive Technologies and the follow-up master's program Biomedical Engineering.

Sensors, testing and measurement

Professional activity

  • Automation of measurement and testing using virtual instrumentation technology
  • Measurement and evaluation of turnkey electricity quality
  • Testing of measuring technology for the power industry: electricity meters, electricity quality analyzers, synchronous phasor evaluation units
  • Optical inspection of products, machine vision, camera systems
  • Signal processing, design of adaptive filters, software defined radio
  • Sensors of non-electric quantities
  • Building management

Teaching activities of the group

  • Measurement and sensors: Electrical measurements, Sensors and measurements, Electronic circuits of measuring instruments, Metrology and precision measurements, Measurements in telecommunication technology, Measurements in information and communication technologies, Electronic measurements and instruments, Measuring systems
  • Area of ​​virtual instrumentation: Virtual instrumentation I, Virtual instrumentation II, Systems for measurement and data collection, Measuring systems and their programming, Methodology of design of information measuring systems
  • Soft Skills Area: Conceptual Design and Development of Innovative Products

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