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The Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering teaches Control and Information Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Assistive Technologies and Computer Systems for 21st Century Industry in Bachelor's degree programs, Control and Information Systems and Biomedical Engineering programs in Master's degree and Cybernetics in Doctoral degree.

The department educates multidisciplinary educated electrical engineers who can apply the latest knowledge in automation, measurement, information and communication technologies in a wide range of areas of human activity. In addition, in biomedical fields, students gain knowledge in the field of biomedical technology and medicine.

Graduates of the bachelor's and follow-up program Control and Information Systems are employed in design activities in the field of measuring, control and information systems, automation, maintenance of technological systems, technical support for the sale of products in the field of automation and measurement. These are also positions of heads of technical development departments, independent development workers, programmers, designers, etc.

Graduates of the Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering programs are employed in the field of applications of design, research and development activities of technical solutions in medicine, especially in medical facilities and specialized companies. Their activities include the administration, maintenance, implementation and sales security of medical equipment. They thus indirectly contribute to the improvement of health care.