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The Department of Electronics provides instruction in Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral study programs. Electrical engineers are trained in knowledge of the fields of applied electronics (hardware and software), they are able to adapt to resolve professional problems in various areas of electrical engineering and with special knowledge that could be used when designing electrical drive units and power systems and control electronics, during their introduction into practice and maintenance. During studies, a graduate in the field gains critical knowledge in subjects of the general foundation of electrical engineering fields and in basic and special subjects from the fields of electrical drive, power and control of semi-conductor systems. The Department also provides instruction in the field of automotive electronics.

The Department has laboratories available for micro-processor technology, electronics, power electronics, electrical drive and automotive electronics, which are equipped with modern measurement and computer technology as well as the needs of program facilities. Students can visit some laboratories individually, for example the laboratory for micro-processor technology or the laboratory for modelling and simulation. Over the course of studies, students complete professional excursions, gifted students participate in domestic and foreign conferences, above standard approach of students is financially rewarded.

At the worksites of the Department, attention is devoted not just to theoretical and practical instruction for students, but also very pronounced research and development. For these purposes, laboratories are available, equipped with modern measurement, micro-computers, computer and audio-visual technology. The facilities of the laboratories follow the most advanced trends in the areas of applied electronics, micro-computer control systems, power semi-conductor systems, electrically regulated drives and environments for the area of modelling and simulation. Research and professional activity of the Department is concentrated in five areas:

Electric drives
Power semi-conductor systems
Control micro-computer systems
Applied electronics
Automotive electronics

The entire array of above standard thesis and doctoral dissertation work of students from the Department has been awarded the prestigious SIEMENS Prize (e.g. in 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004). In 2005, the research team of the Department was awarded the SIEMENS Prize for research (prof. Ing. Petr Chlebiš, CSc. et al. – Research in Modern Semiconductor Transformers).

The Department works with a number of significant companies and universities in the fields of applied electronics, power electronics, electrically regulated drives and automotive electronics, for example UniControls, a.s., ELCOM, a.s., Vítkovice, a.s., ABB s.r.o., BOSH odbytová s.r.o., Siemens KV s.r.o., SME Ostrava, a.s., LEM SA, and others.

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