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The Department of Computer Science offers comprehensive study programmes focused on the latest trends in information and communication technologies. Its focus prepares professionals for positions such as data analyst, software systems architect, computer graphics and game development specialist, database specialist, computer network administrator or scientific researcher.

The Department ranks among the most modern and sought-after institutions for the study of information technology and enjoys growing interest from both domestic and international students. It falls under the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering and is the largest department overall at the University. The Department recognizes that the scope of education and innovative technologies are of key importance for the future of the entire region. Graduating from the offered, technically oriented studies with an emphasis on IT is the first step towards a successful career and a smooth entry into the job market.

History and present

The history of the Department of Informatics begins in the autumn of 1990, when the foundations of the Informatics Department were laid. A nine-member team under the leadership of Prof. Ivo Vondrák helped teach programming and basic computer literacy to the entire university, not only in its two first computer classrooms in the region. At that time, the department staff also designed the topology of the university-wide backbone network and helped introduce modern computer technology at the university.

Since the establishment of the department, several personalities have been in charge (Ivo Vondrák, Miroslav Beneš, Eduard Sojka, Jan Platoš, Petr Gajdoš), who have and have had a significant contribution to the development of the department.

Today, the Department of Informatics at the FEEIT is a mature workplace known in the Czech Republic and abroad, with dozens of teaching and research staff, who are also preparing their successors from the ranks of PhD students. The original focus on software engineering has been expanded to include other interesting areas of IT, such as computer graphics, computer security, data analysis and others. All fields of study are also attractive from the point of view of students' practical application. The number of graduates has changed significantly since the establishment of the Department, with hundreds of new bachelors and engineers graduating from the Department of Computer Science every year, with the following degree programmes available to them:

Science and research is also a significant part of the department's activities, of which cooperation on scientific research projects is also an integral part. Students who want to further develop and broaden their expertise in these areas are commonly involved in these projects. These involvements give students the opportunity to contribute to the solution of non-trivial problems, meet interesting people beyond the borders of the country, gain access to unique technologies and, last but not least, improve their CV.

In terms of achievements in the field of science and research, the Department of Informatics is one of the most sought-after workplaces in the Czech Republic and cooperation with it is interesting for a number of external partners not only from the field of information technology, but also from the automotive industry, energy, medicine, etc.


Background of the Department

Most of the department's activities today take place in one of the most modern university buildings in the country. It offers not only quality facilities, but also a pleasant environment for teaching, studying and meeting. The Department has its own computer rooms with modern equipment, conference rooms or specialized laboratories. The equipment is continuously renewed to respect current trends in IT development.

Thanks to our cooperation with the commercial sector, our students also have access to technologies that they will later encounter in practice. In addition to our own facilities, faculty and university facilities are also used, especially lecture rooms with capacities of up to 450 students. The location of the faculty building itself on the university campus, which offers additional facilities (library, sports facilities, university halls of residence, canteen, cafeterias, etc.), also plays an important role for student life.

People in the department

The work of the members of the department is not only teaching, but an important part of it is also scientific and research activities carried out with the support of various grant projects or through cooperation with companies. Thanks to the close ties of the department and the contacts of individual staff members, we can also include in the activities of the department the organization of various conferences, lectures, workshops and public events. International figures and personalities, not only from the field of information technology, are often invited to these events. The lectures given by experts and representatives of partner companies are very positively evaluated by the students, thanks to which the teaching is complemented perfectly.