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Information and communication technologies are one of the areas that are experiencing constant development and, above all, growing interest from employers with future employment opportunities. One of the first reasons to start studying computer science is certainly the high rate of employment of IT graduates, and this applies to our graduates without fail. This is due not only to the range of fields of study that are closely linked to the requirements of practice, but also to the high demand for quality IT professionals (

An important factor in the choice of study focus is both the actual offer of study programs, subjects or focuses, as well as opportunities for involvement in various projects, development teams, etc. The department offers a wide range of courses, covering areas from the theoretical foundations of computer science, hardware-oriented courses, to specialized topics with a close link to the practical application of the results. The topics of bachelor or master theses focus on current trends and are very often implemented in relation to specific requirements or assignments from practice. Students can also complete internships directly in the environment of IT companies.

The location and facilities of a university often play a role in deciding on future studies. From this perspective, VŠB-TU Ostrava with its campus is on a European level and is one of the largest campuses (situated in one location) in Central Europe. The new building of our faculty, which is not only modern and beautiful, but above all provides professional facilities for studying, researching, meeting and other activities, offers perfect facilities for studying. Judge for yourself ...

Modern facilities in one of the largest university campuses in Central Europe

Having mentioned the campus and its importance in the actual study, it is equally important to mention the geographical location of our university, faculty, and department. Today, Ostrava is one of the rapidly developing regions, which focuses, among other things, on information and communication technologies. Several IT companies of various sizes are based in the region and Ostrava and its surroundings are thus on a par with Prague or Brno in this respect. Although Prague will always be the main business hub not only for IT, more and more companies are taking notice of our region, both for economic reasons and because of the number of quality and hard-working people. This trend is illustrated, for example, by the IT4Innovations project, which has enabled the construction of a supercomputer in Ostrava, which ranks among the Top 500 (end of 2015 - 48th place) most powerful computers in the world.

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