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Implementation of the study program - Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technologies
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International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at the Radio-Communication conference in Geneva (RRC-06) made a decision that all European countries (including countries of the former Yugoslavia) have obligation to change analogue TV and Radio broadcasting with digital no later than 17 June 2015. Trough digitisation of analogue terrestrial television, frequency spectrum become free for purpose of digital television and various digital services such as digital radio with supplement services, digital mobile TV and other mobile services with multimedia content. Nowadays, in many European countries digitisation of television and radio with many other digital services has completed. Southeast European countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Albania and Greece are in the process of digitisation, while Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (UN Resolution 1244) has not yet begun the process of digitising. Main reason why digitisation has not yet started is the lack of experience and insufficient number of experts and professionals in field of Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technologies (DBBT). The project addresses the need for introducing master study programme for education of experts in the field of DBBT. The appropriate laboratory should be equipped with various software for calculation of digital signal coverage area and Digital Multimedia HDTV and Radio studio. The expected output is implementation of master study programme in the field of DBBT with courses defined and laboratory equipped. The curriculum created during the project will also include training of qualified specialists in the process of digitising, maintaining digital systems, and the introduction of new technologies and services of digital broadband and broadcasting like: IP and wireless networks, creation of interactive multimedia applications on smart phones and tablets, performing Network modelling, static and dynamic information encoding etc.
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