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Výzkum a vývoj ohříváku parovzduchové směsi pro Flexibilní energetický systém
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ALFA - Program aplikovaného výzkumu a experimentálního vývoje (2011-2016)
The submitted project is aimed at applied research and experimental development in the area of heat exchangers with a high temperature of the heated medium (ca. 850°C), which is steam-air mixture, further at the way of creation of this steam-air mixture and at control of its temperature along the length of the exchanger from the viewpoint of observance of maximum allowable temperature in relevant parts of the exchanger – i.e. the heater of steam-air mixture. This research and development succeeds the finished research which was performed within the grant project FR-TI1/073, the main recipient of which was the VITKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING a.s. company, and which was successfully finished in the year 2012. The aim of the solution of this project is to ensure the development of a heater of steam-air mixture as one of basic components of the developed cycle, and to prepare data for the delivery of a cogeneration source on the basis of the Flexible Energy System. The developed heater of steam-air mixture is thus a link between a combustion chamber for coal combustion and a gas turbine, and as an entirely new facility, it must ensure not only heating of the mixture to working temperature of ca. 850°C, but also ensure the preparation of such mixture. The realized development of such a heater of steam-air mixture enables the VITKOVICE POWER ENGINEERING a.s. company to elaborate the necessary Feasibilty Study of a cogeneration source, which is precondition for its commercial utilization. Thus, the aim of the solution is development of a heater of steam-air mixture which would ensure a reliable creation of steam-air mixture at reaching of the necessary temperature and operational reliability, i.e. at simultaneous protection (regulation and control) of such heater against exceeding the maximum temperature of the wall of the pipes in the individual parts of the heater.
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