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Laboratory L04 holds the practical part of the subject Diagnostics of electric instruments. Furthermore, the lab provides facilities for the research activities of the SMART POWER team, which conducts research in the field of renewable energy sources, focusing on island systems.

The lab has an off-grid system for powering a model of a residential house installation.


  1. Physical model of an island system for powering a residential house.
  2. Intelligently managed ballast.
  3. Model of an HV system.
  4. Wind turbine VT12 with synchronous generator with permanent magnets
  5. Photovoltaic power plant 2×2kWp
  6. High-speed camera Redlake MotionPro X-3
  7. High voltage insulation test set, partial discharges detector HVA45TD
  8. Corona camera Uvirco CoroCAM 6D


10 persons

Laboratory administrator

Ing. Jan Fulneček, Ph.D.