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The research activities of the Department are focused on current issues in the production, distribution, storage and consumption of electrical energy, which are solved by individual Research Groups.

The Department of Electrical Power Engineering solves the following technical problems:

  1. Development of reliability methods in electrical power engineering. Collecting data on outages and failures in electrical networks of the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the purposes of assessment of component reliability and network reliability calculations.
  2. Research on the impact of outages in electricity supply on the pricing of undelivered energy.
  3. Optimization of distribution networks in terms of losses and reliability of electricity supply.
  4. Implementation of reliability centered maintenance in electrical power engineering.
  5. Research of multi-criteria analysis methods.
  6. Optimizing indirect electric resistance heating and measuring the resistance of short circuits of electric arc furnaces.
  7. Measuring light-technical parameters on roads and indoors, optimization of lighting systems and obtrusive light.
  8. Research of alternative power sources – wind and solar power plants, fuel cells.
  9. Research of diagnostic methods and identification of electric arc in electrical grids.
  10. Thermal camera measurement.
  11. Electromagnetic compatibility – measurement and elimination of interferences in electrical grids.
  12. Modelling of electromagnetic transients.
  13. Diagnostics of electrical machines and apparatuses, measurement of magnetic fields and modelling and computation of electromagnetic and thermal fields using FEM.
  14. Detection of magnetic properties of materials used in the construction of electrical machine and instruments. Calculations of static and time-varying fields with a focus on electromagnetic and thermal processes.