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Classwork of seminars in the Electrical instruments subject is divided between the light and heavy laboratories. In the light lab, mainly numerical exercises and laboratory measurement tasks on transients during switching electrical circuits on and off take place, as well as the power effects of electric current and measurement of the temperature increase in selected types of electrical appliances. The heavy laboratory is used for demonstrations and measurement of the effects of short circuit current and electric discharge under reduced air pressure.


Voltage and current power supplies (DC – 40V/40A, AC – 5V/1500A), digital oscilloscopes (Lecroy WaveJet 300A), pulse short-circuit generator 600V/1500A, climatic chamber Voetsch (temperatures: –40÷120°C, humidity: 0÷99%). Most of the measurement fixtures are realized intuitively with NiDAQ measurement cards and LabView software. Part of the teaching laboratories is also a computer lab, where the simulations of phenomena under study are performed using numerical methods, and modern CAD and FEM systems are used (SolidWorks, Ansys Maxwell, ATP-EMTP).


ca 15 students

Laboratory administrator

Ing. Petr Kačor, Ph.D.