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EHV Section.

In Laboratory L01 (EHV), the practical part of the subject High voltage engineering takes place; measurement is done in the context of dissertations and theses or testing in cooperation with industry.

Light Section.

In the light-technical laboratory it is possible to perform complex measurements of the parameters of light sources and lighting fixtures. This concerns both electrical and temperature measurements, and also light-technical measurements. The students can detect the spectral characteristics of light sources, radiation characteristics of lamps, and light streams of lighting fixtures and light sources. In the light-technical laboratory, the students learn about both the laboratory measurements used by manufacturers of lighting technology (classical lighting, automotive headlights, special applications…) and the operational measurements that are used for verification of parameters of already implemented lighting systems.


EHV Section

  1. Generator SGSA 700/35 (pulse 1,2 / 50 µs), extended with a current pulse generator (8 / 20 µs)

Light Section

  1. Goniophotometer – OL Series 700-MP Motion Control System
  2. Goniophotometer – manual
  3. Spectrophotometers – JETI specbos 1211, AvaSpec-2048, EVERFINE
  4. Luxmeters – RadioLux 111, PU, Mavolux, own development…
  5. Luminance analyzer – LMK Canon EOS 550D
  6. Luminance meter – Minolta


Measurements can be watched from the gallery, space for about 20 people.

Laboratory administrator

doc. Dr. Ing. Veleslav Mach