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The classroom is the site for all the teaching of the subject Power plants and laboratory exercises in the subjects Electrical Power Engineering, Production and use of electricity, Electric light and heat, Operation and control of electric power system, Electro-thermal technology, Energy issues of electro-thermal devices, Power plant equipment and Control and reliability of electric power system. For this purpose, the classroom is equipped with educational models and measurement benches to enhance the teaching with demonstrations.


  1. Laboratory benches for electro-thermal technology.
  2. Laboratory benches for power plants and power grid operation.
  3. Laboratory benches for the production and use of electricity.
  4. Samples of materials from a thermal power plant.
  5. Generator set – asynchronous motor 2.2 kW (M2BA100LC4) and synchronous generator 230/400 V, 2.5 kVA (STC-2).
  6. Isolation transformer – 3×400 V / 3×400 V, 50 Hz, 2 kVA
  7. Tapped voltage transformer – 3×400 V + taps (-5%, –2.5%, 0%, +2.5%, +5% of Unom.) / 3×230 V, 50 Hz, 2 kVA, Yyn0.
  8. Quality analyser ENA 8000.
  9. Control system UniGEN.
  10. Guards ABB REF630 and RET630.
  11. Frequency converter ABB ACS355.
  12. Managed ballast.
  13. Transmission line model.
  14. RC Didactic models – 3ph system, motor-generator, control.
  15. Photovoltaic power plant analyser EurotestPV – Pro Set

Classroom capacity

Max. 42 persons

Laboratory administrator

prof. Ing. Radomír Goňo, Ph.D.