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The purpose of this laboratory is the measurement of rotary and non-rotary electrical machines up to an output of approx. 50 kW, and for the measurement and testing of electrical instruments. It is equipped with a regulated power supply with the possibility of voltage and frequency adjustment, controlled current limitation, AC and DC regulated voltage and current supplies, an asynchronous dynamometer and a surge generator. It is used to teach students at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels and for the work of doctoral students and scientific experiments.


  1. Laboratory regulated DC and AC three-phase supplies 50 kVA, AC/DC, 0–150 Hz, 3×0–600 V
  2. Regulated transformer power supply MEZ, 50 kVA, 3×0–500 V/105 A
  3. Induction dynamo-meter Elcom, 14 kW/10000 rpm
  4. Commutator dynamo-meter MEZ, 38 kW/10000 rpm
  5. Laboratory stent from AC+DC motors with AC and DC converters ABB
  6. Pair of motor – generator set 18 kW/12,5 kVA, 1500 rpm
  7. Surge (current impulse) generator 1,5 kA
  8. Vacuum laboratory system

Laboratory administrator

Ing. Petr Bernat, Ph.D.