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This laboratory is designed to measure rotary and non-rotary electrical machines up to an output of approx. 15 kW, including special machines and low-power machines. It is equipped with regulated power supplies for experiments and allows the performing of basic tests of transformers, motors and generators of all types. The laboratory also has stationary workplaces for measuring basic tasks on transformers, asynchronous motors, synchronous and DC machines, where there is a measurement bench set up for each task with clear schematics and the necessary instruments and machine sets with a dedicated power source. The laboratory is used to educate students at all levels and also for scientific experiments.


  1. Regulated three-phase supplies 0–500V, 15kV∙A.
  2. Regulated DC power supply 0–600V, 20A.
  3. DC dynamo-meters Magtrol for output up to 500W, 20 thousand rpm.
  4. DC dynamo-meters for outputs of 600W and 1200W, 4500 rpm.
  5. Asynchronous dynamo-meter 5kW.
  6. Commutator dynamo-meter 10kW.


ca 15 students

Laboratory administrator

Ing. Petr Bernat, Ph.D.