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In this classroom, seminars for the following subjects take place: Transmission and Distribution of Electricity, Operation and Control of Power Grids, Electrical Power Engineering II, Energy Interference, Electrical Power Engineering of Distribution and Industrial Networks. For this purpose, the classroom is equipped with educational models and measurement benches that are used to enhance the teaching with demonstrations.


  • Single-phase model of EHV long line,
  • Model of voltage drop on the LV line,
  • Model of current measurement in the neutral conductor in a non-linear three-phase load,
  • Model of Jacob's Ladder,
  • Mendocino motor,
  • Power supply 110 V DC, 6 A,
  • Auto-transformers 0–250 V, 6A.


10 students

Laboratory administrator

Ing. Tadeusz Sikora, Ph.D.