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Department head: Prof. Ing. Stanislav Rusek, CSc.
Secretary: Bc. Žaneta Vylegalová

The department offers several technical subjects for the Electrical Engineering study program, especially for Electrical Power Engineering. The Electrical Power Engineering topics are electricity transmission and distribution, electricity production, and electrical machinery and instruments. The Department educates professionals in the fields of electrical generation, electricity transmission and distribution, both low and high voltage, protection and control of power systems, use of electricity for heating and lighting, as well as economics and management in the energy sector. It focuses on extensive use of computers in the energy sector, especially regarding the design and operation of control systems for power systems, electro-thermal devices and their diagnostic systems. The importance of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering is increasing together with the importance of maximum efficiency in the production and use of electric power in our national economy.

The department's staf­f's scientific research activity is focused on the study of the properties of the electric arc and reliability and disturbances in electrical grids and the diagnostics of electrical machinery. Employees of the department are members of the Czech CIRED Committee and the Czech Society for Illumination.

Currently, the Department researches the issue of smart grid technologies, renewable energy sources, diagnostics, the reliability of power equipment and electromagnetic compatibility, and the collection and evaluation of data on outages and failures in electrical networks for the needs of reliability calculations.