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The Department sponsors the following study fields : Measurement and control and Biomedical Technology.

The Department has laboratories available that are equipped with modern measuring and control technology, computer technology and program facilities. One of the most advanced worksites is the Laboratory of Programmable Automated Units and Distribution Systems Management, which is equipped predominantly with products by the company Siemens. Currently, not only does instruction take place, students resolve their Bachelor’s and thesis work, and courses are beginning to be arranged for workers in companies and professional seminars for teachers at secondary schools and vocational institutes.
Control and information systems, distribution management systems, PLC, industrial networks, built-in control systems, robot control systems. They use primarily 8 and 16 bit microprocessors by Freescale and Atmel and 32 and 64 bit processors by Freescale, Intel and AMD, industrial communications bus bars CAN and LIN, PC and PLC systems, industrial networks and visualization systems – automated unit programming – PLC Siemens, S7-214, S7-300, Soft PLC , Coros OP5 and OP7, PLC Bernecke&Reiner, Power Panel PP41 (DI/DO, AI/AO, Ethernet, CAN), System 2005, PowerPanel PP21, operator panel PP100, PLC SLC - 500, TC600 and TC 500, Modicon Micro 612 - 03, etc. Industrial networks - ASI, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, CAN, Epsnet and LonWorks. Visualization systems - WinCC, Intouch 7.0, Factory link 7, Promotic, Control Web. For programming smaller 8 and 16 bit microprocessors, company programming tools are used primarily for language C and C , e.g. Codewarrior IDE. For programming higher processors, operational systems are used for work in real time such as QNX, RT Linux and uCLinux.
Control technology, analysis and design of control systems, information technology management. Laboratories are oriented on measurement and control in real time with the help of program environments Matlab&Simulink Real Time Toolbox. They are furnished with computers and measurement cards MF624 by the company Humusoft. The laboratory tasks for students – Magnetic Levitation, Levitating Balls, Regulation of Elevation of Surfaces in Tanks, Marbles on a Rod, Marbles on a Plane, Classifying Conveyor System.
Processing signals, processing multimedia signals. This uses modern HW and SW environments for processing multimedia signals and data of top companies such as M-Audio, Soundcraft, Behringer, Audiowerk, Adobe, Steinberg, Pinnacle, among others.
Electronic measurement, measuring instruments, developmental sensors, EMC – measurement technology from the companies Agilent, Tektronix, Rohde&Schwarz, among others - digital memory oscilloscopes, spectral and logical analyzers, signal generators etc., special PULSE system used for measuring and analysis of noise and vibration, artificial single-phase and triple-phase LISN network for measuring disruptive signals generated in the feeder network. With the help of top spectral analysers, together with special measuring antennae and power probes, it is possible to measure and analyse electromagnetic signals in the range from 0 Hz to 6 GHz
Measurement and control in biomedicine, processing signals in biomedicine, biomedical instrument technology. The Biomedical Laboratory, in cooperation with the hospital facilities and clinical worksites, is engaged in projects focusing on medical device technology, sensors, measurement, processing and visualization of biomedical data. Trends in resolving projects in laboratories are inquiring into modern technologies and designs, directed primarily into applied research of real problems. Some projects - Telemonitoring of life functions, Measuring glycemia of the blind, Reconstruction of 3D image from ultrasonograph, Impact of extremely low temperatures on the functionality of devices and sensors, Processing ultrasonographic data (Reconstruction of 3D image from ultrasonograph), Processing bio-signals with the help of FPGA, Rehabilitation management of drive simulators for traumatology, Software application records of abused children, Measurement of biological signals

Another top worksite of the Department is the Laboratory for Fuel Cells, the working content of which is directed into two areas
Mobile means using hydrogen as energy carrier
Stationary units for micro-cogeneration for small buildings and residential houses

Activities of this laboratory appear in the following areas

motivation of secondary school youth and publicity of alternative sources of energy in the context of the Napájeni Sluncem (Powered by the Sun) Program
motivation of students in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral fields to further study, research and development in the areas of alternative energy sources
active cooperation with industry (Siemens, Hoerbiger, LabTech, UTC, Ballard, Heliocentris, BMW, CompLet, Remerx, Tufo) and universities (TU Liberec, VŠCHT Praha, VUT Brno, Univ. Bratislava, TU Košice).

Other activities of the Department
Competition for robots powered by solar energy “Napájeni Sluncem” (Powered by the Sun)
Robot Soccer – 3rd place at the European Championship and 5th place at the World Championship
Installation of solar collectors at VŠB - TU Ostrava with maximum output of 20 kW
HydrogenIX – Steering system for hydrogen vehicle – participation at Shell Eco-Marathon France
Strategic management with multi-agents
Architecture for network of built-in systems management

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