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In the field of scientific research, the activity of the department's staff is focused on the research of electric arc properties and reliability and disturbing effects in electrical networks and on the diagnostics of electrical machines. The staff of the department are members of the Czech Committee of CIRED and the Czech Society for Illumination.

Currently, the department deals with smart grid technologies, renewable energy sources, diagnostics, reliability of power equipment and electromagnetic compatibility. Collection and evaluation of data on outages and faults in power grids for reliability calculations.


The Department provides teaching mainly for the study programme Electrical Power Engineering at all levels of study (bachelor's, master's, doctoral).The study programme Electrical Power Engineering focuses on three areas: electricity generation and distribution, electrical machines and devices and electrical light. The Department is active in the education of electrical engineering professionals in the fields of production, transmission and distribution of low and high voltage electricity, protection and control of electricity systems, use of electricity in heating and lighting as well as economics and management in the energy sector. It focuses on the extensive use of computers in the power industry, especially in the tasks of designing and operating control systems for power systems, electric heating equipment and systems for their diagnostics. The importance of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering is growing with the importance of maximum efficiency in the production and use of electrical energy in our national economy.

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For industry partners, we offer comprehensive services in the area of electrical power engineering.

  1. Measurements.
  2. Diagnostics.
  3. Testing.
  4. Analyses.
  5. Studies.