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The Department provides instruction in professional subjects, particularly for the fields of electrical power engineering and electronics. Specializations in the field of electrical power engineering are concentrated in transmission and distribution of electrical energy, production of electrical energy, electrical power engineering in transportation, electrical machines and instruments and commercial electrical engineering. While training electrical engineering specialists, the Department operates in the areas of production, transmission and distribution of low and high-voltage electrical energy, protection and management of electrification systems, use of electrical energy in heating and lighting as well as economic and management in power supply. It focuses on extensive use of computers in power supply, particularly in tasks for designing and operation of management systems for electrification systems, electrical heating equipment and systems for its diagnostics. The significance of the actions of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering is growing with the significance of the maximum effectiveness during production and use of electrical energy in our national economy.

In the scientific-research areas, activity of Department staff is concentrated in research into the characteristics of electrical arcs and on the reliability of and disruptive impacts in electrical networks.
Currently, the Department is resolving the problem of diagnostics and the reliability of energy equipment.

In recent years, the following research tasks were successfully resolved at the Department of Electrical Power Engineering:

Quantification of electrical ratios in direct and secondary circuits of electrical arc ovens.
Disruptive impacts of higher harmonics on electrical distribution equipment.
Research into expanding harmonics and irregular voltage variable deviations in electrical networks.
Research into characteristics of energy networks with regard to industrial disruption.
Impact of physical parameters on the thermal effects of electrical arcs when transmitting energy.
Research into non-standard status of high-voltage industrial feeder networks with a focus on frequency characteristics.
Diagnostics and reliability of energy equipment.
Impact of energy systems on the environment.

In 2005, the Department was the only worksite at VŠB-TU to receive 100financing for the research plan “Research into Reliability of Power Supply Systems in Connection with the Ecology of Non-standard Resources and Evaluation of Non-delivered Energy.”

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